January 8, 1907


Sold Liquor in Their Places -- One
Ordered to Close by February 1.

W. Q. Soper, proprietor of a rooming house at 106 East Third street, was fined $100 in police court yesterday. The place was raided by the police Sunday afternon and a jug and fifty flasks of whiskey were found in one of the rooms. Fourteen men and four women, arrested in the place, were released.

Mrs. A. G. Ham, proprietress of a rooming house at 317 East Twelfth street, was fined $25 and the court ordered her to quit business before February 1.

Mrs. Ham said the license for the place had been furnished her by a brewing company. She said that breweries furnished licenses for many of the proprietors of rooming houses.

The case against J. H. Mitchell, proprietor of a saloon at 1304 Grand avenue, was continued until this morning.