February 2, 1907

Saloonkeeper Will Fight Its
Transfer by a Brewery.

The question as to who owns the license, the man who operates the saloon and to whom it is made out or the brewery that backs him, will have another inning before the police board next week.

J. W. Franke operates a saloon at 315 Main street. The Green Tree Brewing Company backed him in the enterprise and paid his license for him, taking from him a slip signed by him in which he agreed to transfer the license "from ---- to ----." Lately it began to look as if the building the saloon is in in would change hands and the brewery undertook to transfer the license to W. L. Scott, of 323 East Eighteenth street, filling in the blank places itself. Franke had prospered and had the money to repay the brewery for the license. He says the brewery refused to take the money or permit him to keep the license. So he has employed a lawyer and will take the matter to the police board on the ground that a saloon license is a franchinse and cannot be transferred without the consent of the board that granted it.