February 6, 1907


On the First Reading the Company Sent a Bill for $78.

"Here is your gas bill, ma'am," said a boy to Mrs. C. F. Hutchings, of 20 South Eighteenth street, Kansas City, Kas., handing her a folded sheet of paper. Mrs. Hutchings closed the door and then read the bill.

"Seventy eight dollars!" she cried. "Oh no, surely that is wrong. They mean $7.80."

She laid the bill away. When her husband came home she showed it to him.
"Seventy-eight dollars!" also exclaimed Mr. Hutchings when he had read it. "What is this --- a bill for the past year?"

Careful examination showed taut the statement was for the month of January only. Mr. Hutchings took an pencil and paper and began to figure.

"At 26 cents a thousand cubic fee, $78 would buy 312,000 cubic feet of gas," said Mr. Hutchings.

The company when the matter was brought to its attention, re-read the meter. The bill was then reduced to $26.00.