February 16, 1907


Chester L. Jones Tried to Run Over
Them and They Fled.

As Chester L Jones, son of Lawrence M. Jones, merchant, 2613 Troost avenue, was speeding south on Prospect avenue at 11:30 o'clock last night in his automobile two men ran out from the alley just north of Eleventh. One carried a club. They stood in front of the automobile and called "Halt." Mr. Jones kept on and the men jumped for safety.

When he reached the arc light at Eleventh street Mr. Jones stopped and ostentatiously removed his revolver from his hip to an overcoat pocket. He waited for the men to pursue, but they did not come. A man who was standing on the corner stepped over to the machine and asked what the trouble was, but Mr. Jones was suspicious of him and kept his revolver in easy reach.

Seeing that the men did not follow, Mr. Jones continued homeward. He says it was so dark that he could not distinguish the men, further than to say that one was tall and one short and that one had a club.

It was a lucky thing for the men that they jumped aside, for Mr. Jones, who was alone, drove his 50 horse power red juggernaut which could make highwaymen look like pancakes.