March 17, 1907

Dr. W. F. Kuhn's Answer to Hypo-
thetical Question 25 Minutes Long

Dr. William F. Kuhn, superintendent of the state asylum for the insane at Farmington, testified yesterday in the Anderson will contest at Independence that Mr. Anderson's mind was impaired, if the facts set forth in the hypothetical question that required twenty-five minutes in the reading, were true. The question was a pocket edition of Mr. Jerome's methods in the Thaw trial. It set out the details of Mr. Anderson's life, expecially his alleged affliction with epilepsy for ten years. Dr. Kuhn declared that senile epilepsy destroyed the reasoning faculties and was incurable. Mr. Anderson is alleged to have been 60 years old when first attacked by the disease. Dr. S. C. Woodson, superintendent of the St. Joseph asylum, will also testify for the defense.