March 22, 1907

Police Recover Silverware Stolen
From D. G. Saunders' Home

A burglar who robbed the home of Daniel G. Saunders Monday night found Patrolman Ed Doran waiting for him at 10 o'clock this morning when he returned to his room at 801 East Twelfth street.

When renting the room the man seemed so solicitous about the bundle he was carrying that the woman suspected something.

When he went away he said he was going to the theater, so the landlady opened the bundle. As it was household silverware bearing the initials, "D. G. S.," the police at No. 4 station when notified were aware at once that the man was the one who was wanted for the Saunders robbery.

When Officer Doran sprang for the man on his return last night, the thief vaulted down a staircase and darted through a rear window. The plunder recovered was mostly silverware from the sideboard and toilet articles. The really expensive articles taken, including a diamond and pearl necklace and tortoise shell comb were not recovered.

D. G. Saunders is president of the Saunders Lumber Company, and lives at 2121 Independence boulevard. The robbery was committed Tuesday night while the family was absent attending a lecture.