March 24, 1907


Girl Sues for Breach of Promise, Man
for a Ring.

While a case in which George W. Dunlap is suing to recover a diamond ring he claims is in the possession of Ida May Price, of 1827 Jefferson street, was pending in Justice Shepard's court, yesterday, Ida May Price in retaliation instituted suit against Dunlap to recover $30,000 for alleged breach of promise.

In her petition in the breach of promise case which as filed in the circuit court, Miss Price claims that she had been keeping company with Dunlap for a considerable length of time, and from about May, 1906, and frequently thereafter promised, at his request, to marry him.

In his suit to recover the diamond ring, Dunlap claims that he only lent the ring to Miss Price. The case is set for March 29.

Miss Price is a clerk, and Dunlap is proprietor of a clothes cleaning establishment on Central street.