March 26, 1907

For Taking Marbles Worth One-Third
of a Cent He Is Under Arrest

Frank Herd, 13 years old, was sent from his home at 615 West Twenty-third street at 4 p. m. yesterday to renew his father's license as a stationary engineer, in passing a 10-cent store near Twelfth and Main streets he was attracted by a large display of marbles. Young Herd stopped and picked up three of the smallest ones. He was arrested, taken to police headquarters and later locked up in the detention home for trial by the juvenile court.

As the lad did not return home, Philip G. Herd, who is now clerk at the workhouse, went to inquire about him. He thought the boy had been injured, but was indignant when he was told what had occurred.

"It is an outrage," said Mr. Herd. "The boy picked up the marbles just as a man will pick up beans or coffee from a sack. They are what the boys call "tooticks" and sell for about ten for a cent. There are three or four other boys being held for the same offense -- if it is an offense."