March 30, 1907


Campaign of City Physician Begins
to Show Results

"The milk that is being sold to the people of Kansas City, Kas., is getting purer every day, since we have begun to test it," said Dr. J. F. Hassig, city physician of Kansas City, Kas., yesterday. He sat in his office and everywhere around him were bottles of milk, both small and large. What space was not occupied with milk bottles was filled with reports and testing tubes. On a piece of paper were the names of the milkmen from whom the samples had been secured, and opposite these names the results of the tests were put down.

"Just compare this sheet of paper, which has the tests of today on it," continued the doctor, as he handed out the two sheets of paper. On the first sheet of paper was a long list of names, and in almost every instance the result of the tests showed that there was hardly more than 3 per cent butter fat in the milk from which the samples had been taken. Three percent butter fat is required by the city ordinances of Kansas City, Kas. On the sheet of paper with the result of the tests made yesterday, the milk had gained in butter fat from 3/5 to 1 1/2 per cent.

The city physician, with a patrolman, was out most of the day yesterday getting samples of milk, and he says he will continue to get samples from time to time to keep the milkmen in mind of the fact that there must be a proper amount of butter fat in milk. One man who was stopped at Twelfth street and Minnesota avenue in Kansas City, Kas., yesterday became so excited when he was asked for a sample of the milk in his wagon that he spilled over a gallon and a half in the street, while filling a half pint bottle.