March 14, 1907

New Armory to Be Opened Tomorrow Night

Third Regiment Armory Grand Opening

The new armory of the Third regiment at Fourteenth and Michigan will be thrown open to the public tomorrow night. There will be a concert from 8:30 to 10 o'clock, after which there will be dancing. Commercial and civic bodies have been invited to attend the opening ceremonies.

Although the armory has been in use for some time, it has never had a formal dedication. It is to acquaint the public generally with what the regiment has done, without outside assitance, that Colonel Cusil Lechtman has arranged for the reception. Incidentally it is hoped to attract young men, for whom the regiment is always on the lookout.

The armory embraces every convenience to be found in a building of its kind. There is a large drill hall, company rooms, quarters for the officers and ample provision for the storage of tents, equipment, rifles and the like. The building cost $24,000 and was designed by members of the regiment.