April 1, 1907

William B. Thayer, of Emery, Bird, Thayer Dry Goods Copmany




Was Secretary and Treasurer of the
Emery, Bird, Thayer Dry Goods
Company -- Leaves Widow and One Son --
Funeral Not Arranged.

William B. Thayer, secretary and treasurer of the Emery, Bird, Thayer Dry Goods Company, died of pneumonia last night at 8:20 o'clock at the Thayer home, Forty-sixth street and Warwick boulevard. He had been ill for several weeks and for the past few days his friends and relatives had abandoned hope for his recovery. The end came peacefully.

Mr. Thayer had rested fairly well during the day, but those who have been constantly at his bedside realized that the end was only a matter of a short time. The illness which terminated in his death was contracted by him about three weeks ago. It first started from a slight cold which developed into pneumonia, necessitating an operation on his lungs for congestion. After the operation he seemed to temporarily improve and hope was entertained for his ultimate recovery. However, about a week ago he suffered a relapse and from that time he gradually became weaker. He was surrounded by his wife and son, a brother and a number of other relatives and friends at the time of his death.

Mr. Thayer was prominent in business circles in Kansas City. In 1901-1902 he was president of the Commercial Club. Prior to that, for two terms, he was vice president of that organization, and for two terms was president of the Kansas City Club.

He was 56 years old, and came to Kansas City thirty-six years ago from Kentucky. He secured a position in the mercantile establishment of Bullene, Moore & Emery, then at Seventh, Main, and Deleware streets. In 1884 he was taken into the firm becoming the junior member, the firm then being known as Bullene, Moore, Emery & Co. On November 1, 1895 the title became Emery, Bird, Thayer Dry Goods Company. Much of the success of this firm is credited to the sound business judgement of Mr. Thayer.

Aside from his gigantic buisness cares and responsibilities, Mr. Thayer had found time to attend to the duties of citizenship and always took an interest in education and the progress of Kansas City. He was a director and treasurer of Convention hall during the period of its reconstruction.

Mr. Thayer was born in Louisville, Ky., but with his paernts later moved to Danville, Ky., where he received his early education. He took the acedemic course at Central college and was graduated with honors.

About twenty-five years ago he married Miss Sallie Casey of Louisville, Ky., who, with a son, William B. Thayer, Jr. survives him.

Mr. Thayer was a thirty-third degree Mason, Scottish Rite. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed.