April 11, 1907

Baker Is Severely Burned and His
Building Damaged.

After lighting the gas in a bake oven and closing the damper at Bartlett's baker, 1817 West Thirty-ninth street, at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, Robert Ray, a baker, left the room for a time. When he returned shortly he shut off, as he thought, the burner he had just lighted and struck a match to light the burners in the oven. As he did so there was a streak of flame and an explosion. Though the ovens are in the basement, the concussion overturned furniture in the room above and blew out plate glass windows in the front of the building. The neighbors thought they were up against a miniature earthquake.

Ray was taken to the office of Dr. J. H. Ralston, 1800 West Thirty-ninth street, where his face and arms, both badly burned, were treated. He was later removed to his home at 2416 Holmes street.