April 11, 1907

Kansas Man Blows Out the Gas and
Is Revived.

On account of the wide publicity which has been given in the last half century regarding what happens those who blow out the gas, it was believed that everybody was up on that proposition. There has not been a "gas blower" in Kansas City for several years, anyway. One arrived Tuesday from Silver Grove, Kas., however, in the person of F. M. Ward, a farmer, 35 years old.

Ward and a friend took a room at the Morgan house, Ninth and May streets. When they retired "very late" that night (about 10:30), Ward was the last in bed.

"It's up to you to blow out the light," his friend said.

"All right," replied Ward. And he did as he was told.

Early yesterday morning the friend awakened with a choking sensation, but managed to get out into the hallway. An investigation proved that Ward was in an unconscious state. He was taken out at once and taken to the emergency hospital, where Dr. Ford H. Rogers worked with him for a long time., finally bringing him out of his stupor.

"I didn't know you were going to blow it out like you would a lamp," said Ward's friend.

"Well, you told me to blow, and I blowed. 'Twas kind of hard to blow out, too."

After several hours' rest at the emergency hospital, Ward was able to leave with his friend.