April 11, 1907

So Miss Ruth Grey Has Called on the
Police to Aid Her.

"Miss Ruth Grey, the mind reader now at Convention hall, who can easily read a note written at home and taken there in your pocket, and who can also tell persons where to find missing property -- telling them whether it has been lost, stolen or just misplaced -- has lost a white poodle dog wearing a few black spots as a decoration. She is very anxious that the police aid her in finding this lost poodle. Reported from No. 3 station this afternoon."
This report was read out at roll call at all of the nine police stations in Kansas city at 6:30 o'clock last night. Miss Grey is said to give some remarkable evidence of psychological phenomena, finding lost articles for other persons, reading hidden messages, etc. Naturally her request for police assistance to locate her dog created considerable comment among the officers of the force.
"Probably she knows where the dog is," said an Irish member of the force, "but the blame animal won't stay there long enough to be captured."