April 13, 1907

John Jones, Pastor, Mistaken at
Depot for the Released Kansan.

"That's him. That's Willie Sell!"

A tall, angular man, wearing a light ill-fitting suit of clothes, his hair cropped short, and his general appearance rather awkward was passing through the midway of the Union depot yesterday afternoon. In some way the news was spread that he was Willie Sell, the man just pardoned from the Kansas penitentiary by Governor Hoch. How the word started, nobody knew. Someone had whispered, "there goes Sell, the convict," and the word spread almost instantaneously.

In a few minutes the man was surrounded by a crowd of curiosity seekers. Whispered comments were passed on his appearance. One man was heart to say, "Well, he looks the part," while other remarks more or less complimentary were exchanged. The man was absorbed in a small booklet he was reading, and did not appear to notice the commotion he was causing. At last one man, more bold than the rest, stepped forward and held out his had.

"How do you do, Mr. Sell," he said.

The stranger looked up from his booklet a moment. "I guess you are mistaken in the man," he said, "my name's Jones, John Jones, pastor of the Second Baptist church at Paragould, Ark," and he resumed his reading. Meanwhile the crowd melted away.