April 23, 1907

Parting or Detention Home the
Alternative Offered to Them.

Nina Turner, 12 years old, of 712 Lydia avenue, and Lena Vickrey, 13 years old, 1700 East Tenth street, were taken before Judge McCune, in the juvenile court yesterday afternoon because they refused to stay at home and attended cheap theaters. As soon as the girls entered the room and realized that they were in court, both burst out crying, and did not stop throughout the trial.

The judge made frequent attempts to quiet them, and when he had made both wards of the court, and told them to go to their homes, on the condition that they would not "chum" together, he looked for the expected smile. But it did not come. Only more tears.

"What are you crying for now?" inquired the judge. "I have told you you could go home, and would like to see what you look like before you do.

Lena was the first to speak. "I don't w-a-a-nt to -- be separated from Nina," she wailed, and the two put their arms about each other's necks. They told the judge, however, that they would rather be separated and live in their homes than to be together in the detention home, and it was so decided.