April 24, 1907

Father Swears She Was Married
When Only 17 Years Old.

"I want to know whether or not Coleman Blanks and Beulah Cannon were ever married in this court?" inquired an angry looking individual of Probate Judge Prather as he entered the latter's office in Kansas City, Kas., yesterday afternoon. The judge made a search of his records and found the couple in question was married on March 30, last.

"How in the name of Sam Tar can a girl get married when she is only 17 years old. She run away to marry this fellow Blanks, and since their marriage they have been living in hiding from me. I am informed that they are living in Rosedale, and I want a warrant issued for the arrest of both of them."

Judge Prather informed the irate father that his daughter had taken an oath that she was 18 years old, and he proceeded to show him his daughter's signature on the license affidavit. He identified the signature as that of his daughter's and announced as he left the office that he would consult a lawyer and then cause a warrant to be issued for both his daughter and son-in-law. Later in the afternoon he appeared with an attorney at the office of the county prosecutor and swore a complaint charging them with perjury.

He gave his name as Rufus Cannon, of 1410 Pacific street, Kansas City, Mo., and declares there is a scheme on foot to get him out of the way in order that his property can be enjoyed by his relatives.