April 27, 1907

Firemen Learn Something New About
Gas Grates in Flats.

Something new in gas grates was discovered by the fire department yesterday. Responsible for the discovery is the fact that natural gas makes too hot a fire for a tin flue which answers all right when artificial gas is used.

A row of two-story flats at 508 to 514 West Twentieth street is constructed with 2 1/2 inch tin pipes inside the walls to serve as flues for grates on both first and second floors. These pipes did not end in a chimney on the roof. They simply connected with ventilators. Yesterday morning, twenty-four hours after natural gas was turned on into that district the tin tube in L. Gardner's flat on the second floor at No. 510 had burned through and flames burning from there to the roof did $400 damage before the arrival of the fire department.