April 9. 1907

Yesterday a Time of Furnaces and
Winter Clothes.

The old-timer who claimed, during that hot March weather, that Dame Nature always equalized thing, and that we should have to pay for our premature summer, has been vindicated. Yesterday was one of the coldest April days in years, and certainly one of the most disagreeable. There was a high wind all day, and it was a bit like a December gale. The grays and lavenders and novelties in men's clothing were temporarily superseded by the old winter garments, and overcoats were everywhere in evidence.

At midnight last night the thermometer stood at 40 deg. above, only 3 deg. above the freezing point and 12 below the lowest mean average ever recorded for the month. The day was partly cloudy, but there was no rainfall in Kansas City. Furnaces were fired up all over the city, and the unfortunate housekeeper, who had failed to keep a supply of coal on hands had to make heavy inroads on the kindling supplies to keep his house warm.

The mean average for the month of April is a temperature of 54 degrees. The lowest average, 52 degrees, was in 1892. April 4, 1899, was the coldest April day ever recorded. On that day the mercury went down to 22, and there was a general freeze.

Warmer weather for the rest of the week has been promised by the local observatory.