April 19, 1907

Chester Lynn Had Been Fined
$100 for Annoying a Girl

"Has anyone seen my husband?" inquired a little woman wearing a shawl over her head as she appeared at police headquarters yesterday morning. "I thought that perhaps he had been drinking and that you had him here. His name? Oh, yes, his name is Chester Lynn."
The records showed that Chester Lynn had been arrested on complaint of Miss Clytie Griggs, of 2512 Cypress avenue, for an alleged insult to her while she was walking down Grand avenue near Twelfth street. When Mrs. Lynn reached the court room she heard Lynn say, "But I am married, and have got a family," and heard Judge Kyle reply, "If that's a fact, you should know enough to let young girls alone. You are fined $100."

The little woman with the shawl over her head waited until the court room was clear and her husband had been taken back to holdover. Then she sought the judge and pleaded for her husband. She promised to take him home with her and see that he became a better man -- if the judge would just let him go this time. Judge Kyle relented finally, and Lynn was brought out and lectured, after which he was given a stay for the fine.