Special Report -- C. W. ANDERSON


Visited Anderson Yesterday -- Grateful for Efforts in His Behalf.

"It will only be a few days, I know, before baby and I will have him with us," said Mrs. Charles Anderson last night at her home, 1117 Holmes street, in referring to her husband. "But God only knows how long those days will be to us. It seems now that years have passed since he was taken away. Everyone has been kind to us, thought, and I probably should not complain."

Mrs. Anderson and her 3-year-old daughter, Lucille, went to Leavenworth yesterday, and were allowed a two hours' conference at the penitentiary with Anderson. They returned last evening. After their return, several friends called at the home to offer consolation and to encourage her in her trouble. Among them were Fred Aldergott, J. K. Butler, J. B. Gurnan and R. H. Kerr, all former associates of Anderson, and among those most actively interested in the movement to obtain his freedom.

"My husband was in fairly good spirits today," said Mrs. Anderson. "He had only learned today what was being done in his behalf by the people of Kansas City, and I tell you he is grateful. He cried when I told him how kind the people are to baby and me, and when I told him how a mighty effort is being made by the people to secure his release, he seized baby in his arms and cried still harder. Baby cried and I cried, too, but they were not entirely tears of sorrow. I had gone there with the intention of cheering him, instead of making him more depressed, and determined not to cry, but it was the thought of the kindness of our friends that prompted me to do it."

Warden McClaughry gave Mrs. Anderson permission to see her husband on any day she visited the penitentiary, excepting Saturdays and Sundays. She will try to visit the institution once every week.

"If my husband is not pardoned," said Mrs. Anderson, "I will probably have to move to Leavenworth, where I will be near him."

Anderson is working in the laundry department at the prison. His duties are not arduous, and, as he told his wife, he has received excellent treatment since his return.