May 15, 1907

Patrolman Charles Lorton Finally
Compromises on No. 63.

"Here, chief, take this star back and give me some other number. I am not at all superstitions, but inasmuch as I took the job on the 13th and you gave me no. 13 star, I would rather not play that number too strong."

Patrolman Charles Lorton made the above remarks as he walked in to Chief Bowden's office, Kansas City, Kas., yesterday morning and turned over the star given him the day before. Chief Bowden smiled and jokingly said that the 13 star was the only one left.

"Well, if that's the case I guess I would rather walk my beat without any star at all," continued Officer Lorton.

After arguing with the man for twenty minutes trying to convince him there was no "hoodoo" connected with star 13, but without success, Chief Bowden gave the new officer star 63.

The chief had a like experience with Officer Jake Canary when he was given the skidoo star, 23. However, Canary was game and has worn it ever since. He was reappointed under the new administration and now he is satisfied that there is no such thing as a "hoodoo."