May 16, 1907

One That Tried to Whip Policeman
Is Now in Jail.

The refusal of Toni Misnik, an ex-soldier, to get a shave when his friends thought he needed one, cost him a fight in which he got a badly cut lip, and his assailant, Stanly Barnatt, a severe beating with the probability of a jail sentence, Misnik and Barnatt were on their way home to points in Michigan from San Francisco, where they had recently been discharged from the One Hundredth and Fifth regiment of the United States coast artillery. Shortly after their arrival in Kansas City yesterday they became separated and Barnatt proceeded to absorb the surplus liquor stock of various Union avenue saloons.

About 3 o'clock Barnatt approached his fellow traveler in the women's waiting room of the Union depot and asked him if he had gotten a shave yet. Upon his replying negatively Barnatt proceeded to "rough thing" pretty generally, and Misnik was pretty severely beaten, receiving a gash through his upper lip, presumably from Barnatt's knife.

The fighting seemed to be to Barnatt's liking, for when Policeman Hachenberg and Farrel attempted to arrest him he forthwith started to "do" the police force. The officers immediately put him hors de combat and locked him up in station No. 2.