May 29, 1907

Mother, After Long Search, Kisses
First Child She Sees.

"It's mamma's darling! How is the sweet one?" cried Mrs. Margaret Johnson, of St. Louis, as she snatched a small child from the arms of Mrs. Ivan Elliot, of 2441 Flora avenue, at the Detention home yesterday afternoon.

The mother hugged and kissed the child and cried over him for fully five minutes without stopping to breathe. Then Mrs. Elliot said:

"You got the wrong baby, madam."

The child she had been caressing was Willie Jefferson, a nephew of Mrs. Elliot. Her own was handed to her by Dr. E. L. Mathias.

Lee Johnson, her husband, and the child's father, left her in St. Louis nineteen months ago, when the baby was 5 months old, and brought the child with him to Kansas City. The police all over the United States were notified and yesterday the Kansas City officers located the father and the child. Judge McCune last evening set today for hearing the rights of the parents as to the custody of the youngster.