May 3, 1907

Main Witness Before Police Board
Beaten Near His Home.

George Hicks, who made charges against detectives at the police board meeting yesterday, was assaulted at Twelfth and Jefferson last night on his way to his home at 1223 Jefferson. Two men attacked him, one knocking off his hat, the other striking him on the ear so that blood flowed from it. Picking up his dog, which one of his assailants had begun to kick, Hicks fled to his home. Rocks were thrown at him as he ran.

It was dark when the assault took place and Hicks would not say that he recognized his assailants. He added that they were some of his enemies. Also he said he had been warned something would happen to him if he testified against certain men.

That the assault was carefully planned seems evident. A young man entered Hicks' restaurant at 339 West Fifth early in the evening and asked when the proprietor was going home. He was told and departed.

For testifying before the board Hicks had been promised protection and no doubt more than the usual police vigor will be exercised in finding his assailants. If the police can't, the board probably can furnish the vigor.