May 4, 1907

Doctor Says Injured Girl Will Be
Rational in a Few Days.

"I guess that old lady is my mother, but she doesn't look right."

When Goldie Nordling spoke the foregoing words yesterday she was nearer to being rational than she had been since Sunday evening when she wandered home in a delirium, prattling like a child about having been hurt in a stret car and later cared for at some one's home on Troost avenue near Forty-second street.

Her physician says she will be able to tell the whole story in a day or two.

"A concusson of the brain," said Dr. Faires, "such as Miss Nordling has doubtless suffered does not imply organic injury. A jar or shake-up without so much as bruising the scalp might be a serious concussion. Not the brain itself but only its functions are deranged by doncussion. In this case there were no physical injuries whatever."