May 6, 1907

One Hundred and Eighty From St.
Joseph Invade Union Depot.

High, Ho! Mm Oh!
What's the matter with St. Joe?

One hundred and eighty high school students from St. Joseph were at t he Union depot yesterday afternoon, advertising their presence by a conglomeration of shrieks, which, when analysed, proved to be the foregoing yell. They were on their way home from Columbia, where they had attended the state interscholastic track meet, and were proving to Kansas Cityans that not even the failure of their team to carry off more than one event in the meet ha dampened their school patriotism.

"Had a great time down there!" yelled one exuberant athlete. "Greatest place ever was, and they treated us fine. The meet was all Kansas City and St. Louis, but we had a good run for our money. Stopped at the Eta Pie Frat house and got enough provisions to last a week. 'Rah for Columbia! Whooppee!"

The excursionists were under the charge of Professor R. H. Jordan, principal of the St. Joseph high school, and J. H. Bentley, athletic director.