May 7, 1907

Elevator Boy's Note Found by Land-
lady, Who Called the Police.

George Evans eloped to Leavenworth a week ago with 17-year-old Maud Calvert. He is 23 years old and an elevator operator out of work. Two days after marrying they returned to the home of the girl's sister, Mrs. Louis Baskew, 1012 Adeline place. Promised employment failed Evans and he grew despondent. Yesterday he went to where he had been rooming, at Mrs. M. N. Paine's, 315 East Fourteenth street, closed the windows tightly, preparatory to ending his life by inhaling gas. He wrote this note:

My Darling Wife: I am sorry to have to write you this, my last farewell. When you get this I will be in the other world. I am going to kill myself. It is the only thing I can do. I cannot think of leaving here, Kansas City, and leaving you, and I can't get a job. Am out of money. Nothing left for me to do only end it all, when you will be free
again and you will soon forget me and marry again and be happy. Maud, forgive me -- my dying request -- if I am doing wrong. GEORGE.

Thinking to try once more for a job Evans went down the street, but failing in search for work he returned home, determined more than ever on suicide. But the landlady had found his note. She did not know he was married. She sent to ask him to come down stairs to see her, but as eh hesitated she telephoned for an officer and he was taken to No. 4 police station. His wife and her sister were brought there later to see him.

"They called it a childish prank -- our running off and getting married," he said yesterday, "and I guess it was, but I couldn't stand it to leave Maud and I was tired trying and failing to get work."

In Captain Flahive's office the girl wife had been silently weeping. When she spoke she said:"Why, George, I'll go to work. I know one of us can have a job all the time."

Mrs. Baskew, the sister, took them both back to her home. Mrs. Paine sent to the police station to ask that Evans should not return to her home, evidently fearing he might end his life there if he did not find employment.