June 1, 1907

Statue Will Be Placed in Rotunda of
the Grand Hotel.

The beautiful replica of Venus Genetrix, which has been resting temporarily in the park board rooms of the public library, Kansas City, Kas., waiting action of the school board regarding its disposition, will find place in the new Grand hotel, Sixth street and Minnesota avenue, Monday. After the rejection of the statue by the board, W. J. Buchan, its donor, cast about for a more appreciative donee, and finally decided on J. B. Hoober, the lessee of the hotel, for the recipient of the gift.

Hoober was delighted with the piece of art work. He said yesterday that he had long been an admirer of Venus Genetrix and had called up Mr. Buchan directly after the rejection of the statue had been made known, offering to place it in the rotunda of the hotel.

In the Grand the Venus will be mounted on a rosewood pedestal twenty-eight inches high, with the face inclined toward the stairs leading to the parlor floor rotunda from the offices. On both sides are large mirrors, so placed as to reflect its snowy whiteness into the waiting rooms, and it will be further set off by red rugs on the floor and orange tapestries hung especially as background.

There was a great deal of talk in Kansas City, Kas., yesterday concerning the action of the board in rejecting the statue. Before 9 o'clock at least 100 people had visited the park board rooms and throughout the day groups of ten or twelve were gathered around the gilded couch of the reclining goddess. The approving comments that were passed might have been sufficient to raise a blush even to that brow of stone.

In the afternoon a committee of business men, instigated my Henry McGrew, one of the trustees of the Grand hotel, who had been instrumental in getting the statue for the hotel rotunda, visited Venus. They were unanimous in declaring it artistic and not immodest.