June 19, 1907

"Blind" On One Side and Open on
the Other.

New style street cars are arriving for the Metropolitan Street Railway Company, the first six of a consignment of twenty-five arriving yesterday. The cars are coming without electrical equipment, to be used first as trailers. They will be lopsided in appearance and will seat sixty passengers. One side will look like the standard coach now running, with the exception that there will be no door at the vestibules. The other side will be open from one end to the other, with the old-style running footboard. The first of the cars will be tried out in the Electric park service. The side entrance is adopted to accelerate the loading and unloading of passengers, while the idea of the blind side is to prevent the impetuous from getting run over by cars running on the other tracks in opposite directions. The color of the new cars is the regulation green.