June 2, 1907


At Detention Home Until a Farmer
Will Adopt Him.

Visitors in the Detention home at 6 o'clock last evening heard the voice of a calf bawling from the second floor. It was a nervous noise to come from the inside of such a building and Superintendent C. H. Chapman was questioned.

"Oh, that's just Bert Willsie," Chapman said. "He makes all kinds of noises. He bawls like a calf when he wants something to eat.

"He is a genius at imitating voices of animals and birds and would make good on the stage. He can imitate anything from a bullfrog to a pig under a gate. He woke up everybody in the house the other morning and we would have all sworn it was a redbird singing."

"The best thing Bert ever pulled off since he has been in here, though," put in Dr. E. L. Mathias, "was the morning when he imitated an alarm clock at 4 a. m. Mr. Chapman wanted to spank him for that."

The animal voiced boy lives at 1406 Central. He is being held at the home until a good place for him can be found in the country. He ought to make a hit with the farmer boys.