June 25, 1907

Operation to Reform Boy Who
Steals Horses.

Dewey Marcuvitz, the 8-year old boy with a record for stealing horses, was operated upon by Dr. J. S. Lichenberg at his office yesterday morning and the lad's tonsils removed. The operation was at the suggestion of Dr. E. L. Mathias, of the juvenile court, who said that it might mean an improvement in the boy's character.

Dewey did not like the operation at all. He cried before he was placed under the influence of an anesthetic and when he revived he pleaded with the surgeon to send him home quickly.

"That's all right, my boy," said David Marcuvitz, his father. "You'll be a fine boy now. But if you get into mischief again, I will bring you up here and let the doctor chop at you again.

"I'll be good," Dewey sobbed.