June 29, 1907

Not Until He Had Hit Victim Over
Head, However.

Emmet Kraus, 20 years old, was held up by a lone footbad last night shortly after 10 o'clock, at the corner of Fifth street and State avenue, Kansas City, Kas. He was on his way home, at Fifth street and Everett avenue, from Carnival park, where he is employed at night. As he started across State avenue the highwayman stepped out from a shadow and struck him over the head with some blunt instrument. Kraus called for help, and Patrolman Parrott, who was standing at Fifth street and Minnesota avenue, a block away, heard him and hastened to the rescue. Uupon the approach of the officer the would-be robber took to his heels. The policeman fired two shots at him, buty apparently neither took effect as the highwayman continued his flight.