June 30, 1907

Woman Jumps Into the River and
He Followed Her.

"I just wanted to see if Harve was game and loved me enough to risk his life to save me from drowning," said Kate Pullen yesterday afternoon after being dragged from the Kaw river, into which she had jumped from a rowboat.

She is the wife of Harvey Pullen, who lives in a tent on the river bank in Kansas City, Kas. Mrs. Pullen and her husband were out rowing. Pullen was manipulating the oars, when suddenly Mrs. Pullen, who was seated in the rear of the boat, arose to a standing position and leaped into the water. Her husband proved "game" all right, jumping in after her. They would have both bee drowned, however, had it not been for a couple of fishermen who happened to be near by in a boat.

Both were taken to No. 2 police station and locked up.