June 9, 1907

They Talked About Fishing, It Is
Said, for Over an Hour.

"Mornin', mayor."

"Glad to see you, alderman. Step right in."

This was the greeting at an early hour yesterday morning in the outer office of Mayor Beardsley between the mayor and Alderman Pendergast. It has become such an unusual thing about the city hall to see the big alderman from the First within a stone's throw of the executive's department that the visit created quite a stir. Moreover, the interest was intensified when the mayor drew the alderman into his private office and closed the door after him. Immediately the story spread from the attic to the basement of the building that Pendergast and the mayor were conferring over police matters, and everybody strained their utmost to find out what was transpiring. But the door was sealed, and so were the lips of the mayor and Pendergast after the end of an hour's conference.

"Just a call from the alderman about some pending lower house of the council legislation, and which drifted into a social chat," explained the mayor.

"What did you talk about?"

"Farming in Kansas. You know the alderman has a ranch over there -- fishing and a smattering of politics."

"Nothing concerning the police investigation?"

"Pendergast isn't interested in that, is he?" innocently interrogated the mayor.

It is well understood that Alderman Pendergast doesn't want to see the political buccaneers drive Chief Hayes from his job, and the dope given out by those on the inside was that the visit to the mayor by Pendergast was to intercede for his friend. He verified the mayor's fish story.