July 12, 1907

Policeman Larrabee Arrests a
Marauding North Ender.

"If there is a limitation to the duties of a shortstop at police headquarters, it is beyond masqureading as a sack of potatoes," said Patrolman Cassius Larrabee last night as he led into the station Michael O'Brien whom he had caught taking potatoes from a farm wagon.

A man walking along Fourth street almost directly opposite police headquarters saw another man in the act of lifting a sack of potatoes from a farm wagon. when the pedestrian approached, that man sprang from the wagon and ran. The matter was reported at police headquarters, and Larrabee was assigned to make investigation. He found one of the sacks had been misplaced, and believing the would-be marauder would return, promptly climbed into the wagon and secreted himself beneath some empty sacks. In a few minutes the officer saw a man slip out from behind a wall and look about cautiously.

The man gave a low whistle, and this officer, through a hole in the opposite side of the wagon bed, responded with a like whistle. Three times these signals were exchanged. The man approached the wagon, and evidently taking the signal of the officer for that of a confederate, walked toward the vehicle.

Is everything all right? he whispered.

"It's all to the good," replied the officer, through the hole in the side.

The man then walked directly to the sack of potatoes, and again started to grasp it, when Larabee reached over the rear end of the wagon and seized his wrist. The man tried to break away, but the policeman retained his grasp and led him to the station.