July 15, 1907

Funeral Planned at Muncie, Ind.,
Is Postponed.

The body of a woman who committed suicide in Kansas City, Kas., June 26, and was identified by several friends as that of Mrs. Inez Ford, or, as she was better known, as Ona Ray Polk, and was sent to suppoosed relatives in Muncie, Ind., is said by those to whom it was sent to not be the body of Mrs. Ford. Chief Hayes received a telegram last night from the chief of police at Muncie, asking that an investigation be made and learn, if possible, if anything could be found that would establish to a certainty her identity.

The woman had a quarrel on the morning of June 26 with Frank Palmer. At noon of that day she carried his lunch to him at Fowler's packing house, where he was employed, and swallowed carbolic acid in his presence, dying a few minutes later. Her body was taken to the undertaking establishment of Gibson & Porter, in Kansas City, Kas., and there it was held for several days before the whereabouts of relatives were learned. Two women, who lived in Sheffield, called at the morgue and identified the woman as Mrs. Inez Ford, who deserted her husband, Irwin Ford, in Terre Haute, Ind., and came to Kansas City with Frank Palmer. Ford was notified, and, in turn, the father, Edward Hurst, of Muncie, was informed.

The body was ordered removed to Muncie, and the body was sent collect on delivery. The express charges were paid at the other end, and an undertaker in Muncie was instructed to take charge of the body. However, when arrangements were being made for the funeral, a doubt arose on the part of Mr. Hurst as to whether the body was really that of his daughter.

The funeral was postponed and the police there were asked to appeal to the police here to make a thorough investigation.