July 18, 1907

For This, Greek Restaurant Man Beat

Miles Turner, a negro, wore no hat when he went to police court yesterday to prosecute two Greeks for beating him. His head was bandaged.

"These Greeks have a restaurant at 115 East Third street," said Patrolman Joseph Dolah, who arrested them. "This is a regualr occurrence. A stranger goes in there and pays for his meal. When he is done, another demands pay. If it is refused they take the customer's hat and hold it until he disgorges. I can't tell how many scrapes of this kind I have settled down there by making them give back the man's hat. I have warned them often. It's getting to be a nuisance.

Turner said that when he refused to pay twice for some eggs one of the Greeks secured a club and "swatted" him over the head. They were fined $3 each and warned to stop the practice. Judge Kyle told them he would fine them heavily if such tactics ever were used again.