July 24, 1907

Diagnosis of Stranger Who Thought
He Owned a Hotel.

It was learned yesterday that the name of the man who came h ere to "take full charge" of the Blossom house, believing that Fred S. Doggett had willed him everything, was Dr. Albert B. Clanton. He is 79 years old and his home is in Hattiesburg, Miss. He was removed from the police matron's room to the general hospital yesterday. His trouble is diagnosed as delusional mania.

Dr. Clanton said yesterday that the message had come to him in a very mysterious way, not through spirits, that Doggett had made him his sole beneficiary. The old man had been seen around the Union depot for the last ten days, the police said, and Monday Patrolman Ferrell took him in charge. The police will try and locate relatives and inform them of the old man's condition.