July 6, 1907

Independence Council Will Now
Furnish Gong for Vehicle.

William Smith, a Kansas Cityan found intoxicated in the court house yard at Independence, won his point in police court when he told the judge he ought to be turned loose. When aske dthe nature of his argument Smith said he had been punished heavily enough.

"What punishment has been administered to the prisoner?" asked the court.

The policeman who appeared against Smith said nothing had been done to his prisoner.

"But you took me to the station in a wheelbarrow," said Smith, and the judge sided with him and gave him liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- outside of the city limits.

It then developed that the two policemen who found Smith in the court house yard had borrowed a wheelbarrow at a livery stable to tote their prisoner to the lockup. Independence has no patrol wagon. After the council meeting last ngit members of the council made up a purse to buy a gong for the barrow.