August 16, 1907

Man of Talents and War Records
Found Lying in Weeds..

Thomas Dean, an old man without a country, was found lying exhausted in the weeds yesterday afternoon near Twenty-third and Washington streets.

To Dr. G. A. Dagg, ambulance surgeon from No. 4 police station, the old man said that he long been a physician coming to the United States when a young man from Berlin, Germany, and serving through the civil war with the rank of captain in the Twenty-second New York regulars.

But now I am past the age when accomplishments count," this veteran in more than one field of effort said. "Though I talk twenty-seven languages and was long a man of affairs, I'm wandering over the country when old and infirm, without money and without friends."

Dean gave his age as 78 years and said he had spent the last winter in California and came here about four weeks ago. He has been staying at various cheap rooming houses and sleeping outside when he had no money. He was taken to the general hospital, where the record states his case as "senile infirmity and general weakness."