August 17, 1907

Negress Who Peached on a Druggist
Shunned by Her Race.

There was war among the cocaine users of the North end last night. Yesterday morning in police court Mamie Jones, a negress, admitted she uses the drug and took a policeman to a drug store conducted by G. G. Cowhick, at 547 Walnut street. Cowhick admitted selling the woman the drug on one occasion only. He was fined $500.

Last night Mamie Jones went to police headquarters crying. She told the desk sergeant that she has been blacklisted among the negroes. She can't get any more "coke," she said.

"They all blame me for getting that druggist in trouble," Mamie explained. "They have been abusing me all evening and what's worse than all I can't buy any 'coke.' Two big men just jumped on me for 'peachin' and said I can't never get any more 'coke' from nobody."

The sergeant advised Mamie to go to her room and remain there and she left the station.