August 2, 1907

"I Won't Answer Any More Questions,"
Said Commissioner.

Elliot H. Jones, the new police commissioner, after a day and a half of public life, has taken to the woods. There he hopes to find dense foliage and a deep shade.

When The Journal attempted to interview Mr. Jones in the second chapter of the police commissioner's catechism Mr. Jones declined to answer the question.

"What motives prompted you to return the revolver and club to Patrolman Arthur?" he was asked.

"I don't want to discuss the Arthur business at all," he said.

"Do you believe that Arthur was threatening the life of Mr. Rozelle when he made an attempt to pull his revolver?" was the second question.

"I have nothing to say."

"Do you think it is 'for the good of the service' to have such men as Arthur on the police force?" was number three.

"I refuse to answer any more questions.