August 25, 1907


Came Direct Here From Ireland and
Was Prominent in Business
Affairs and Politics of
the City.

John C. Mahoney, retired, capitalist, former politician and a resident of Kansas city for forty years, died last evening at his home, 2204 East Fourteenth street, as the result of a stroke of apoplexy experienced last Monday. His wife died five years ago. The surviving members of the family are Mrs. Thomas Phillips, wife of the former police captain and state coal oil inspector; John G., Dr. J. T., Wolford B., Francis, Ella, and Ruth Mahoney.

The deceased was born in the County of Cork, Ireland, sixty years ago and at the age of 20 years immigrated to Kansas City, which was then in its infancy. He took a job as common laborer and while in such service helped to build the Hannibal bridge. Being a man of frugal and temperate habits and keen to the future prospects of Kansas City, he invested his savings in real estate and good securities. His wealth gradually increased, and some years ago he retired from active commercial pursuits to enjoy the fruits of his frugality and business foresight. His fortune is estimated at $300,000.

In politics Mr. Mahoney was a Democrat, and as such served the Third ward in the council for a number ofyears. During late years he disagreed with the individual politics of the men in charge of the Democratic party, and became a free lance. Very often he found it necessary to verbally and by pen and ink criticise the would-be leaders, and he always did in in thorough Donnybrook fashion. Mahoney was particularly prominent in his opposition to the second candidacy of J. A. Reed for mayor, and he livened up the campaign with speeches and letter writing.

During his lifetime Mr. Mahoney made one visit to the land of his birth, and he came back vowing vengeance on British officials, whom he described as having "a banana on one shoulder and an orange on the other."

"A man who can't live in the United States," declared Mr. Mahoney, "can't live at all. I'll never go back to Ireland. I've had enough of it, and enough is enough."