August 3, 1907

Burglars and Other Crooks Laughing
at the Police.

There seems to be no doubt that burglars, sneak thieves and picpockets are working overtime in Kansas City since the removal of Chief Hayes and the complete disorganization of the police force. On the very day he was removed, Wednesday, there were eight burglaries, two robberies andone case of diamond snatching. Not an arrest has been made in any of the eleven cases, though some of them happened on the downtown streets and the diamond was snatched at Eighth and Grand in the glare of the evening sun at 6 o'clock.

Yesterday morning's reports bulletined at police headquarters show that an assortment of nine burlaries and robberies took place Thursday night. In those cases one arrest was made. A woman who happened to be drunk and asleep in a house where $65 was stolen was arrested and sent to the workhouse on a technical charge, the evidence against her being insufficient to convict her in the state courts.

In the forty-eight hours following the removal of Chief Hayes there were twenty-one burglaries and robberies combined with one arrest on suspicion. The reports for no one week in the last year will show so much crime of a serious nature.