August 7. 1907

Visitor to Carnival Park Flung His
Money Away.

Roy C. Hackney, aged 20 years, an employe of a Kansas City, Mo., wholesale hou se visited Carnival park, Kansas City, Kas., last Sunday evening and was arrested while in the act of throwing money into the lagoon at the bottom of the "chutes." He was takne to Bethany hospital and kept until yesterday afternoon, when he was arraigned in the probate court on the charge of insanity. He is the son of A. S. Hackney, of Kansas City, Mo., and at the request of the young man's relatives he was ordered sent to the state asylum at Osawatomie.

It seems from the testimony of his elder brother, Hackney is subject to periodical spells of insanity. At times he is perfectly rational and has been steadily employed for the past couple of months. However, his mind frequently collapses. When under one of those spells he has a mania for throwing away money. He had over $20 in cash with him when he went to the park Sunday and after spending a small sum at the different attractions he gave a friend who was with him $9 and then threw the remainder into the lagoon.