August 8, 1907

Police Do Not Believe Schreider
Committed Suicide.

"To the coroner: --Kansas City, Mo.

"There is nothing to say why I did this deed. I simply committed suicide. Please notify my wife, Mrs. Mary Schreider at 3016 Belleview avenue, Kansas City, Mo. Everything in my pockets please turn over to my wife.
"P. S. : Reason for this deed known only to me and no one else."

The foregoing not was received by Coroner George B. Thompson in his mail yesterday morning. He at once made inquiry at 3016 Belleview avenue and found that Frank Schreider had been missing for three weeks. His body has not yet been located, however.

Yesterday afternoon a woman who said she was a sister-in-law of the missing Schreider called to say that she did not believe the man had taken his life. She said that "financial troubles" had caused Shreider to want many persons to believe him dead. The police have been searching for Schreider on account of those same "financial troubles." A check now in the possession of the Fitwell Clothing Company for $30 and other checks in Leavenworth, Kas., the police say, are a part of the "financial troubles."