August 9, 1907

Her Tragic End Brings Woe to Court

Anna Bacchus, the pet cat of County Clerk Samuel A. Boyer's office, and the champion mouser and ratter of the courthouse, was found unconscious by L. I. Duncan, deputy clerk, yesterday afternoon in a drawer in the office which he chanced to open. Anna had crawled into the drawer quietly sometime Wednesday and made herself a nest among the writing paper. The drawer had been closed by someone who did not notice the feline. She was still alive when Duncan found her and laid her on the sill of an open window. The clerks bathed her face in water and stroked her back, but she never regained consciousness. She died at 3:30 o'clock, half an hour later. The only relative in this city is a half brother who lives in the basement of the courthouse. She has had several children, but all of them have been drowned. Her husband, Thomas Bacchus, abandoned her last winter. She was 3 years old. The deputies in Boyer's office will take up a subscription to pay for her funeral. No flowers.