September 3, 1907

Jack Gallagher Beats Up Al Hubbard,
a Discharged Barkeeper.

For a half hour last night Al Hubbard, 25 years old lay unconscious in the emergency hospital from a slight concussion of the brain and bruises inflected by "Jack" Gallagher, a former policeman, who conducts several North end saloons. This assault took place in Gallagher's Third street saloon, directly opposite police headquarters. He was arrested, and later released on a cash bond of $100 furnished by himself.

Hubbard up to last Saturday was employed as a barkeeper at Gallagher's Walnut street saloon, but was discharged. It seems Hubbard had some trouble with his wife yesterday, and when he went into Gallagher's Third street saloon last night this circumstance entered into the conversation. It resulted in Hubbard getting a terrible beating.