September 8, 1907


Says She Is the Only Mother the Girl
Has Ever Known and Deplores
Fact That She Has Hired
a Lawyer.

"I care nothing for any suit that she may bring, yet I love Ella," said Mrs. Potter, yesterday afternoon, at her home, Eighth street and State avenue, Kansas City, Kas. The tears rolled down her cheeks as she told how she had watched over the girl from the time she was a baby. The girl, Ella Potter, has retained a lawyer and threatens to bring suit to require Mr. and Mrs. Potter to divulge her parentage. The Potters took the girl to their home when she was 3 years old, and educated her and reared her to womanhood. Now she is anxious to know who were her real father and mother.

"That child has broken my heart. I just don't know what to do. I have spent all kinds of money on her; furnished her with fine clothes, and sent her away to school at a big expense, but she doesn't seem to care for me now. It is true I have been very strict with her, but it was for her own good," said Mrs. Potter.

Mrs. Potter says that she told Ella that if she would go away to school and finish her education, that she would buy a $10,000 farm for her when she graduated and place it in her name. She says her offer was rejected.

Asked as to the parentage of Miss Potter, Mrs. Potter said she and her husband were the only mother and father the girl has.

"She is our girl. We raised her. She never knew any other mother and father. Poor Ella, she only imagines that she remembers her mother bringing her to my home."

"I believe I shall learn the names of my parents, and when I do I will be happy no matter who they are. Several kind people called to see me today, and from the sympathies expressed by them I feel positive that no one will blame me for the step I have taken, said Miss Potter yesterday.

She says she is determined to go ahead with her suit in court. "While I regret that I have been given so much publicity," continued Miss Potter, "yet if it helps me to establish my parentage I can easily overlook this unpleasantness."